Gifts of Stock
to American Bach

Many of our donors prefer to transfer stock to American Bach in lieu of giving cash, and we welcome this with open arms. If you would like to support American Bach in this way, please use the information below when making arrangements with your broker:

   The Pidgeon Group of Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC/DTC #0141
   American Bach Soloists Account #1090-9856
   Attn. Timothy P. Pidgeon, Managing Director – Investments
   Phone: (800) 634-4965 • Fax: (415) 291-8657

We are grateful for the opportunity to acknowledge our donors in all instances, but stock transfers often go unidentified because brokerage firms do not share the donor’s identity with each other. In other words, American Bach receives the stock gift without knowing from whom it came! If you have previously given stock that may have gone unacknowledged, or if you are planning to transfer stock to American Bach, please call our office at (415) 621-7900 or send a message to Thank you.

For more information, please contact


182 Howard Street, #536
San Francisco, CA 94105


Phone: +1 (415) 621 7900 
Fax: +1 (415) 621 7920