ABS Endowment

The ABS Endowment is a permanent fund, separate from the operating budget, which will secure the financial future of American Bach Soloists, and provide special funds for expansion, special projects, etc., which are not part of the regular budget.

Contributions to the Endowment are made by donors who want to ensure the long-term future of ABS. These gifts may be in the form of bequests in Wills or Trusts, retirement accounts, gift annuities, and other forms that can be readily converted to cash. Donors who make gifts of $25,000 or more to the Endowment will have a fund created in their name. Named funds can be used for general support or specific uses as designated.

  • Many people are able to contribute more from their estate than from annual income.
  • Gifts do not need to be made all at once. You can make annual gifts to the endowment to fulfill a pledge made at any time.
  • You can fund this with an estate gift or designation in a will.
  • You can avoid capital gains taxes on long-term, highly appreciated assets.
  • Gifts can be made in honor of or in memory of any person.
  • ABS will establish an annual recognition for all donors.

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