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Thanks to all who supported ABS during Gala Week! We are so very grateful.

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"Fridays with Friends"
Hélène Brunet


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For the first three months of sheltering in place, we sent daily links to short online music excerpts that we hope brightened your days. All 84 musical selections are still available by clicking the button below.

Now we're starting "FRIDAYS with FRIENDS" which is a series of messages (and performances) from some of the ABS musicians that our audiences have come to know and love. Through video greetings, personal messages, and self-produced recordings, they will speak directly with you about their activities, recommended distractions, and personal journeys during these past months. We’re so grateful to the artists from whom you’ll be hearing for their generosity and earnest expressions of how much they miss you and their anticipation of being back with ABS as soon as possible.

We know that Music is a very important part of our lives, and we are committed to being here for you now and in the future just as we have been for more than three decades.

We miss you and we hope that these virtual connections will keep us closer until we're back in concert halls together.


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