How We Made Our Connoisseur Series 2021 Online Edition Videos

Strict Safety Protocols Were Upheld Throughout the Production Process

audio recording session

Rehearsing and Audio Recording in Belvedere

6' distances between masked musicians were maintained within a hexagonal setup. Pictured here are violinist Cynthia Keiko Black, violone player Steven Lehning, viola da gambist William Skeen, and audio engineer Chris Landen.

Air cleaning

Air Cleaning

A safe breathing environment was supported by the use of EPA-approved electrostatic disinfectants distributed through the use of a vaporizer that, yes, reminded us of "Ghostbusters!"

Gemma and Eddie

On Site in the Mondavi Center

Extreme distances were always maintained between each unmasked musician and our videographer, Eddie Frank (far left).

Steve and Eddie

Camera Angles

Musicians were placed at different locations on the stage to enhance the appearance of perspectives relative to the venue's available backgrounds.

  • All Artists and Production Team members were certified Covid-free within 72 hours of the first rehearsal.
  • Masks were worn by all persons at all times during rehearsals and audio recording sessions.
  • Musicians were spaced with a minimum of 6 feet between each other. For six musicians, we were configured in a 12' diameter hexagon, with microphones placed inside the hexagon.
  • The air was sprayed every hour with Purerox™, a proven, proprietary technology that is used in US hospitals and doctors offices. It is rated as a Category IV disinfectant by the EPA (safest rating) and has no harmful fumes or harsh chemicals, and it is on the EPA List N for use against Covid-19 (EPA #87518-1 (hsp2o)).
  • Individual supplies including meals were brought to the rehearsal space, artists were housed in private hotel rooms, and artists never shared car rides or socialized beyond the "bubble" of the project. Additionally, each artist was provided with an isolated "safe zone" during rehearsals and audio recording sessions to use for their personal belongings and instrument cases, and as a place to relax during breaks.
  • Once the audio was recorded, and the audio track was finalized by Chris Landen, our audio producer, each musician was filmed individually in the concert venue. The air in the venue was frequently cleaned, and during moments when musicians performed in front of cameras without a mask, extreme distances between the artist and our videographer, Eddie Frank, were maintained.
  • The appearance of physical "close-ups" was created by powerful zoom lenses, never compromising the preservation of safe and extreme distances. 
  • At no time were two musicians filmed simultaneously. What looks like interaction between them was the result of methodically consistent rehearsal interaction. Each artist memorized their eye movements as they glanced at each other during the rehearsal process, and they recreated those apparent interactions while in front of our cameras to create the impression that they were in the same space at the same time during the video.
  • We are very grateful to our artists for their desire to create the most convincing concert-like experiences on film for our audiences. It was an arduous process, but their joyful willingness to bring an exceptional online event to you created these beautiful video concerts. 

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