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Handel’s Messiah in Grace Cathedral

Foundling Hospital Version, 1753

Recorded live in Grace Cathedral San Francisco, California December 18 & 19, 2014

Music by George Frideric Handel 1685-1759
Libretto by Charles Jennens 1700-1773

Performance Edition by Nicholas McGegan, John Roberts, and Eleanor Selfridge-Field
courtesy of Center for Computer Assisted Research in the Humanities
(an affiliate of the Packard Humanities Institute) at Stanford University. 

The Performers

American Bach Soloists & American Bach Choir
Jeffrey Thomas, conductor

Mary Wilson, soprano
Eric Jurenas, countertenor
Kyle Stegall, tenor
Jesse Blumberg, baritone
John Thiessen, trumpet

Elizabeth Blumenstock (leader)  
Jude Ziliak (principal 2nd)  
Tatiana Chulochnikova  
Karin Cuellar  
Daria D’Andrea 
Andrew Davies 
Joseph Edelberg 
Katherine Kyme 
Andrew McIntosh  
Mishkar Núñez-Mejía  
Lindsey Strand-Polyak  
Janet Worsley Strauss 
Noah Strick  
David Wilson 

Clio Tilton (principal)  
Vijay Chalasani  
Ramón Negrón Pérez
ason Pyszkowski   

William Skeen (principal, continuo)  
Gretchen Claassen 
Laura Gaynon  
Andres Vera

Steven Lehning (principal, continuo)  
Jessica Powell Eig  
Joshua Lee  

Steven Bailey 

Corey Jamason   

John Abberger 
Meg Owens   

Charles Koster
Dominic Teresi

John Thiessen
William Harvey

Kent Reed

Jennifer Brody
Cheryl Cain
Michelle Clair
Tonia D’Amelio
Clare Kirk
Rita Lilly
Allison Zelles Lloyd
Diana Pray
Brett Ruona
Cheryl Sumsion
Helene Zindarsian

Jesse Antin
James Apgar
Dan Cromeenes
Elisabeth Eliassen
Ruth Escher
William Sauerland
Gabriela Estephanie Solis
Meghan Spyker
Amelia Triest
Celeste Winant

Edward Betts
Mark Bonney
Michael Desnoyers
Michael Jankosky
Andrew Morgan
Mark Mueller
John Rouse
Sam Smith

John Kendall Bailey
Hugh Davies
Thomas Hart
Jefferson Packer
Daniel Pickens-Jones
Chad Runyon
David Varnum


Major funding was provided by 

Hugh Davies & Kaneez Munjee
Jan Goldberg
Marie Hogan & Douglas Lutgen
George & Patricia Locke
James R. Meehan
and Anonymous Donors

with additional support from
Drs. Jose & Carol Alonso
Kim & Judith Maxwell

Mary Wilson’s appearance is generously sponsored by Jan Goldberg & Ken Hoffman.

Eric Jurenas’ appearance is generously sponsored by John & Lois Crowe.

Kyle Stegall’s appearance is generously sponsored by Marie Hogan & Douglas Lutgen.

Jesse Blumberg’s appearance is generously sponsored by Hugh Davies & Kaneez Munjee.

Jeffrey Thomas’ appearance is made possible through the establishment of the Jeffrey Thomas Conducting Chair supported by a generous gift of an Anonymous donor.

With gratitude to the American Bach Soloists Board of Directors and to the Foundations, Corporations, Government Agencies, and Individual Sponsors that support the organization.


The performers, producers, and crew wish to thank The Rt. Rev. Marc Handley Andrus, Episcopal Bishop of California, and the Dean, Trustees, Chapter, Cathedral Staff, and Clergy and Pastoral Staff of Grace Cathedral for their hospitality and support of this production.

American Bach Soloists wishes to acknowledge the American Federation of Musicians in the United States and Canada and Musicians Union Local 6 in the making of this film. 

With Gratitude to 
The Rt. Rev. Marc Handley Andrus, Episcopal Bishop of California 
The Very Rev. Dr. Jane Shaw, Former Dean of Grace Cathedral

The Production

Don Scott Carpenter
Executive Producer

Abigail McKee

Eddie Frank

Chris Landen
Recording Producer 

Frank Zamacona
Director of Photography

Chris Landen
Ellis Burman
Audio Recording and Mixing 

Lisa Anderson
Associate Director of Photography

Philip Daley
Stage Director

David O. Weissman
Production Manager 

Dan Anderson
Doug Hunt
Mike Elwell
Camera Operators 

Lynton Vandersteen
Jib Camera 

Dan Berger
Technical Director 

Ryan Peters
Engineer in Charge 

Dave Lezynski
Video Engineer 

Steve Hemenway

Alan Steinheimer

Todd Stoneman
Rigging Grip 

Ernie Kunze
Best Boy Electric 

Craig Ryan

Bill Pope
Charles Griswold

Dan Anderson
Jerry Berkowitz
Location Production 

Dana DeMercurio
Daniel Telles
Christian Barber
Production Assistants 

Erin Hennessy
Hair & Makeup 

Eddie Frank
Guinevere King
Gas Lamp Productions
Second Unit Photography 

Equipment provided by First Camera
Lighting by Steinheimer

With assistance from
Jeremy Ranharter, 
Head of Media Services, Grace Cathedral

Special thanks to
Zamacona Productions
The Lunch Box
Kate Harvey
Michael Lampen
Charles Shipley 


Jeffrey Thomas, Artistic & Music Director
Don Scott Carpenter, Executive Director
Steven Lehning, Music Administrator
Jeff McMillan, Executive Administrator
Steven J. Spector, Business Manager
Emma Gavenda, Operations Associate
Lisa May, Patron Services Manager
Derek Tam, Education Coordinator
Philip Daley, Stage Manager
E. J. Chavez, Stage Crew
Arthur Omura, Harpsichord Tuner
Steven Lehning, Organ Tuner
University of California at Davis, Instrument Loan
Rebecca Nestle, House Manager

American Bach Soloists are Artists-in-Residence at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Belvedere.


Benjamin Bachmann, Canon Director of Music
Lori Coleman, Canon for Finance
Michael Ferreboeuf, Canon Headmaster
The Rev. Canon Dr. Randal Gardner, Canon for Congregational Life
The Rev. Canon Elizabeth Grundy, Canon for Pastoral Care and Formation
The Rev. Canon Lesley Hay, Canon for Operations
Kathryn Kirkpatrick, Canon Sacrist (retired)
Greg Sondern, Canon Sacrist
Katherine Thompson, Canon Director of Development

John Greunig, Building Operations Manager
Jumon Bell, Lead Sexton
Marvin Canton, Sexton
Kalee Gibbs, Sexton
Emilio Torres, Sexton
Eve Yates, Sexton

Art Featured in the Film

Benjamin Bufano 
Smiling Saint Francis, 1952

Connick Studios of Boston
Stained Glass, 1934-1961
West Side of Grace Cathedral Nave

Connick Studios of Boston
Stained Glass, 1931-1965
Grace Cathedral Quire

Connick Studios of Boston
Stained Glass, 1930
Chapel of Grace

Antonio del Ceraiolo
Madonna and Child, c. 1520-1538

John DeRosen
Murals, 1949-1950
West Side of Grace Cathedral Nave

Richard Faralla
Coffer, 1963

Richard Faralla
Crucifix III, 1966

Lorenzo Ghiberti
Gates of Paradise, replica, 1452
Replica cast by Bruno Bearzi, c. 1950

Hans and Norman Grag
Baptismal Font, 1964

Keith Haring
Altarpiece: The Life of Christ, 1996

Lewis Hobart
Altarpiece - Chapel of the Nativity, 1946

Lewis Hobart
Made by Samuel Yellin
Chapel of Grace Gates, 1934

Lewis Hobart
Historic Cathedral Baptismal Font, 1931

David Lemon
Hosea, 1957

Robert Lentz
St. Mary Magdalene, 1990

Gabriel Loire
Clerestory Stained Glass, 1964-1970

Gabriel Loire
Jesus and the Women of Sameria, 1963

Gabriel Loire
The Canticle of the Sun, 1964

Anne Patterson
Graced With Light – The Ribbon Project, 2013
Created as Grace Cathedral’s 2013 Artist in Residence

Antonio Sotomayor
Murals, 1982-1983
East Side of Grace Cathedral Nave

Antonio Sanjuán Villalba
Creche, 1956  

Willet Hauser Architectural Glass
Stained Glass, 1966
East Side of Grace Cathedral Nave

Rodney M. Winfield
San Francisco – Symbol of Life, 1966

Anonymous - French
Altar - Chapel of Grace, c. 1430

Altarpiece - Chapel of Grace, c. 1520

Anonymous - Spanish
Crucifix on Chapel of Grace Porch, c. 1260

Reproduction of Chartres Cathedral’s Labyrinth, 2007

Tree of Hope
The Rainbow World Fund


American Bach Soloists is the author of this motion picture for the purpose of copyright and other laws. This motion picture is protected pursuant to the provisions of the laws of the United States of America and other countries. Any unauthorized duplication, distribution, and/or exhibition of this motion picture may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution.

© 2015 American Bach Soloists

All rights reserved.


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