A message from American Bach Board Member
Mag Dimond

"I believe that passion drives it all. Join me in strengthening American Bach’s legacy by giving your support now."

Dear Loyal Patrons & Friends,

As a longtime patron and Board member of American Bach, I invite you to join me in celebrating 35 years of American Bach’s music-making here in the Bay Area. This is quite a milestone, and we at ABS are justifiably proud. We could not have arrived here without the loyalty and support of stalwart patrons like yourself, who have shown up year after year to validate the original mission of producing authentic, passionate, and vibrant Baroque music for our classical music audiences. We are deeply grateful for your generosity.  

I thought it might be interesting to share some personal reflections about American Bach. I have been going to concerts since I was a little girl of 8, and my grandmother took me to both the opera and the symphony. I’m now in my seventh decade looking back, thinking about the legacy of classical music in the Bay Area’s cultural history. We have a proud musical tradition here that is upheld by some superior organizations, including American Bach. The lifeblood and survival of our culture depend on keeping these institutions alive and healthy.  

So, what makes American Bach so special, you might ask? It’s the integrity and authenticity of our musicianship, passion in the polished execution of the music, sustained excellence over time, inventiveness, educational vision, and, very importantly, our deep love of the Baroque. And Jeffrey Thomas’s inspired leadership has crafted an amazing ensemble. I believe that passion drives it all.

I see it as really quite simple: Our music changes people’s lives. People are moved (changed) when they listen to our performances; you can see it in their faces as they rise to applaud and as they exit the concert halls. This kind of transformation leads to deeper human connection. Other ways we are changing lives is by expanding our repertory to include inventive related music and by training aspiring young musicians through our Academy. When we work to educate, we ensure that superior musicianship will continue.  

Just how music changes our lives is a subject for a larger conversation but suffice to say that when we take our seats at an American Bach concert, we know our hearts will be touched as we experience the music. During this time fraught with suffering, all of us need to be lifted up by the brilliantly crafted music of Bach and his contemporaries.

So, let’s make a difference! Your gift in any amount will help secure our future. And if you have supported the mission and music of American Bach in the past, would you consider increasing your gift at this critical time? 

Join me in strengthening American Bach’s legacy by giving your support now and affirming that we will continue to honor musicians and offer the musical treasures we love and so much need in our lives. 

With deep appreciation,
Mag Dimond, Board Member

Thank you!