"Continuo Circle" Planned Giving

The Continuo Circle salutes the foresight and generosity of those individuals who have included American Bach Soloists in their wills or estate plans. Bequests and other planned gifts help secure ABS’s long-term financial stability ensuring that ABS will enrich future generations.

Please notify us if you have made a provision for American Bach Soloists through your estate planning, so that we might acknowledge you as a member of the Continuo Circle. If you would like additional information, please contact executive director Don Scott Carpenter at 415-621-7900 extension 203. 

How to Support the Continuo Circle

  1. You name American Bach Soloists as a beneficiary in your will or living trust, designating the gift of your choice (for example, cash, real estate, personal property, or securities). There are many types of bequests to choose from. You maintain control of your assets during your lifetime and possibly save on estate taxes.
  2. You name American Bach Soloists as a beneficiary of the remainder of your retirement plan assets. You avoid double taxation on those assets.
  3. You designate American Bach Soloists as owner and beneficiary of an insurance policy. Your gift has little immediate cost and you receive an immediate income tax deduction and possibly future deductions.
  4. You transfer cash or another type of asset, such as shares of stock, to a charitable gift annuity or pooled income fund. In exchange, you receive income for life and an immediate income tax deduction.
  5. You create a trust that pays you fixed or variable income. You receive an immediate income tax deduction, income for life or a set period, and tax-advantaged investments. If you use appreciated property, like real estate or securities, to fund the trust, you will also reduce or eliminate capital gains taxes.
  6. You give to American Bach Soloists a personal residence, farm, vacation home, or commercial or rental property during your lifetime which provides you with an immediate tax deduction and the chance to avoid capital gains tax. There are also ways to donate residential property while staying in the home for life. 

To include American Bach Soloists by beneficiary designation, please use the following information: American Bach Soloists presently headquartered at 44 Page St. Suite 403, San Francisco, CA 94102. Tax ID Number: 68-0211969