Faire is the Heaven

The Elizabethan poet Edmund Spenser began one of his most cherished verses, “Faire is the heaven where happy soules have place in full enjoyment of felicitie.” Writers, painters, and composers would often evoke glimpses of the Paradise that could be found in the life beyond, an antidote to the troubled times that were experienced by so many in periods past.

Heinrich Schütz’s serenely beautiful Musikalische Exequien draws upon texts from the Psalms, the Canticle of Simeon, Revelations, and the Book of Wisdom to illuminate the recognition of new life, including a dramatic effect of three spirits moving throughout the concert space.

The exuberance of the vocal works by Bruhns and Weckmann, and Bach’s peaceful and uplifting Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste Zeit combine to make this a concert program of heavenly beauty.

Friday March 27 2020 8:00 p.m.

   St. Stephen’s Church, Belvedere

Saturday March 28 2020 7:00 p.m.

   First Congregational Church, Berkeley

Sunday March 29 2020 4:00 p.m.

   St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, San Francisco

Monday March 30 2020 7:00 p.m.

   Davis Community Church, Davis

Schütz: Musikalische Exequien

Weckmann: Weine nicht & Canzons

Bruhns: Mein Herz ist bereit

Bach: Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste Zeit, Cantata 106

Nola Richardson & Clara Rottsolk, sopranos

Nicholas Burns, countertenor

James Reese (debut) & Steven Brennfleck, tenors

Jesse Blumberg & William Sharp, baritones

American Bach Soloists

Jeffrey Thomas, conductor

Nola Richardson


Clara Rottsolk


Nicholas Burns


James Reese

tenor (debut)

Steven Brennfleck


Jesse Blumberg


William Sharp


American Bach Choir

“remarkable transparency and body”

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