ABS's Newest CD
featuring MARY WILSON soprano

Release Date:
Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

"Ms. Wilson is a great fit for this repertroire. Her voice is wonderfully warm, smooth & gleaming and communicates joy. She executes the many virtuosic passages with ease. In the bravura Alleluja of Silete venti, her singing is agile & her rapid notes connected yet distinct. She sounds perfectly smooth & gliding in the long phrases of the "Suscitans a terra" of Laudate Pueri Dominum. Just like ABS's live performances, this recorded performance is well-prepared and immaculate. Oboist John Abberger's solos are impressively clean and sustained. The orchestra and chorus sound tidy, and the tempos are regulated and balanced, feeling neither too fast or too slow." - Axel Feldheim, nffo.blogspot.com

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