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Recent Press Releases

Premiere Recording of Corelli Concerti Grossi Transcriptions

Messiah in Grace Cathedral & Baroque New Year’s Eve at the Opera

ABS Announces 2019-2020: 10th Annual Summer Festival and 31st Concert Season

NEW RELEASE: Bach Suites "Mastered for iTunes"

American Bach Soloists Return to Their Roots with a Program of Favorite Bach Cantatas

ABS Artistic Director Jeffrey Thomas Focuses on the Future

American Bach Soloists present their 30th Season featuring Bach, Versailles, and Baroque Opera

ABS presents the 9th annual American Bach Soloists Festival & Academy

ABS Performs All Four Bach Orchestral Suites

ABS Performs Venetian Masterpieces of Monteverdi & Gabrieli

Countertenor Aryeh Nussbaum Cohen to be featured in New Year's Eve Concert in San Francisco

ABS Performs Bach's Saint John Passion

20th Consecutive Year: ABS Performs Handel's Messiah in Grace Cathedral

ABS Academy Now Tuition Free

ABS Announces Two-Year Plan for Bay Area Performances

ABS Presents Handel's "La Resurrezione" May 5-8 2017

ABS Announces 2017-2018 Season

ABS Presents Bach's Motets for Double Chorus

2017 Festival & Academy

American Bach Soloists present "A Weekend in Paris"

ABS Presents Handel's Messiah in SF's Historic Grace Cathedral December 14, 15, & 16, 2016

North American Premiere of Handel's 1734 Serenata, Parnasso in festa

2016 Festival & Academy

ABS Announces 2016-2017 Season

ABS Presents Bach Oratorios April 22-25 2016

2016 ABS Festival & Academy Programs and Ticketing

ABS Receives First $1 Million Gift

ABS Presents Bach's Birthday Concert March 18 2016

ABS Presents Handel's Alexander's Feast Februay 26-29

Garrett Shatzer named ABS Development Director

ABS Presents Bach's "Christmas Oratrorio" December 12 2015

ABS Presents "Baroque Marathon" August 10 & 11 2015 at Festival

Added Performance of Marais' Semele Scheduled Due to High Demand

New 30-minute HD Documentary on "Bach's Mass in B Minor: Anatomy of a Masterwork" released on YouTube

Bach, Vivaldi, & Leo: ABS Celebrates Three Baroque Masters

ABS Announces 2015-16 Season

ABS Announces 2015 Festival & Academy

Tatiana Chulochnikova Named Recipient of 2016 Jeffrey Thomas Award (February 12 2015)

Bach's St. Matthew Passion (January 29 2015)

Handel's Acis and Galatea & Bach's Fourth Brandenburg (December 9 2014)

Handel's Messiah in Grace Cathedral (October 29 2014)

Festival & Academy "Bach's Inspiration" (May 14 2014)

Jeffrey Thomas Named Resident Scholar at San Francisco's Grace Cathedral (May 12 2014)

Bach's Legacy (March 7 2014)

Gretchen Claassen Named Recipient of 2015 Jeffrey Thomas Award (February 18 2014)

Announcing 2014-15 Season (February 13 2014)

2014 Summer Bach Festival (February 6 2014)

Bach's Hercules in February 2014 (January 21 2014)

Bach Magnificat in January 2014 (December 18 2013)

Messiah in Grace Cathedral (November 22 2013)

New CD of Handel with soprano Mary Wilson (October 16 2013)

Jeffrey Thomas Award (August 22 2013)

2013-2014 Season Press Release


Jeffrey THOMAS


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