Master Class 1: check – Lecture 1: check – AIA 2: check … and still a dozen events to go!

The mornings are becoming just a touch more relaxed as more and more ensembles have been presenting their work in the Academy-In-Action concerts. That means that some participants might have an extra hour now in the morning. But the jam-packed schedule is certainly worth it. Before long, these wonderful two weeks will have passed by in a flash, even considering how rich the experiences and performances are. Last night, again, we heard great performances by our Academy Participants. The Viol Consort, the Trumpet Ensemble, the Chamber Orchestra, and smaller ensembles performing Bach, Boismortier, Corelli, Handel, Luzzaschi, Monteverdi, and Schmelzer all gave enthusiastically received presentations. And there’s more to come tonight: this evening’s program focuses to a great degree on Bach arias and the wonderful repertoire to have come from German composers, Bruhns, Buxtehude, Muffat, Schütz, Telemann, and Weckmann. And, for a bit of variety, we’ll hear a cantata by the Frenchman, Pascal Collasse.

Our public lectures and master classes began yesterday. Corey Jamason led his harpsichord students through a very enlightening hour and a half session, and Robert Mealy’s presentation of “Biber and the Wunderkammer of 17th-Century Germany” was fascinating. He is a superb lecturer, as is Debra Nagy (who presents today) and the remaining speakers (Corey Jamason and Max van Egmond); I will do my humble best to speak about Handel’s English Oratorios, or rather the dawning of them, on Friday before our performance of Esther.

Today, Tanya Tomkins will present her second of two presentations about the Bach ‘Cello Suites. What a great opportunity to hear her speak about the music that she has mastered so brilliantly.

Before signing off for today, I just want to pass along tremendous thanks to the SF Conservatory. Their staff has been wonderful, and special thanks go to their new president, David Stull, and production manager Seth Ducey. We’re so glad to collaborate on this great project!

More tomorrow…