Bach Favorites, Countdown continues Part II

The “Bach Favorites” Countdown continues…

30) Das wohltemperierte Klavier (“Well Tempered Clavier”), Book 1, Prelude and Fugue in Eb minor, BWV 853

Garrett Shatzer, ABS Development Director

Garrett Shatzer

“For a period of about three years starting in 2011, I sat at my piano nearly every day for an hour or so to play through selections from the Well Tempered Clavier. I am by no means a great pianist, but it still brought me great joy. And that’s all that matters, right? During that time, the one I returned to the most—and still return to the most—is Eb/D# minor from Book 1, BWV 853. And the most emotionally piercing recording of the piece I’ve heard is by Sviatoslav Richter, recorded in the 1970s. The fugue, in particular, with his bold use of the una corda pedal, still gets me every time.” – Garrett Shatzer, ABS Development Director

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29) Sonatas and Partitas for Violin, BWV 1001-1006

“The J.S. Bach Sonatas and Partitas for violin are fun to play” – Joyce and Craig Copeland

28) Wir danken dir, Gott, BWV 29

27) Komm, Jesu, Komm, BWV 229

“The motets are gorgeous and this one seems designed to be sung in a venue with an echo. I’d love to hear the motets with a sound system that duplicates the Thomaskirche echo” – Douglas Shaker

26) Partita No. 3 for Violin in E Major, BWV 1006

“I feel as if the violinist is bowing across my body” – Julie Motz

“One can imagine Bach playing the chaconne to comfort himself after the death of his wife” – Douglas Shaker

25) Ich habe genug, BWV 82

“I love the integration of the oboe with the sentiment of the cantata” – Michael Greene

24)  Laß, Fürstin, laß noch einen Strahl (“Trauerode“), BWV 198

Derek Chester

Derek Chester

“Fantastic orchestration, fantastic choruses, and a fantastic tenor aria” – Derek Chester, ABS musician (tenor)

23)  Liebster Jesu, mein Verlangen, BWV 32

22)  Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied, BWV 225

“Incredibly rich and varied choral masterpiece. The final movement makes me rise above the ground” – David Hanchette

21)  Das wohltemperierte Klavier (“Well Tempered Clavier”), Book 1, Prelude in B Minor, BWV 869

“The tranquil grace of the Prelude. Grandeur and ingenuity of the long fugue, building on a simple and compelling theme. And all in Bach’s deepest key” – Dan Slobin

20)  Das wohltemperierte Klavier (“Well Tempered Clavier”), Book 2, Prelude C# Major

Celeste Winant

Celeste Winant

“The treble line is wistful, the bass and tenor oddly heroic. I first heard it in the rain, alone, and It captured the mood perfectly” – Celeste Winant, ABS musician (alto)

19)  Das wohltemperierte Klavier (“Well Tempered Clavier”), Book 2, Prelude in F Major

“Of all the Preludes and Fugues for undefined keyboard, the F Major in Well Tempered Clavier II has the greatest combination of dreamy affect and seemingly effortless counterpoint. Followed by a sunny bright gigue like fugue. Most fun to play on any keyboard, including piano!” – Margaret Hasselman

18) St. John Passion, BWV 245

“So profound; the melodies make me cry” – Geerat Vermeij

17)  Concerto for Violin in E Major, BWV 1042

“The melodies are memorable but it’s the harmonies weaving through that transport me” – Lisa Jackson

16) St. Matthew Passion: Mache dich mein herze rein, BWV 244

Jeff McMillan

Jeff McMillan

“My favorite work by Bach is a bit of a moving target and the choice might fluctuate depending on when I am asked. One work that always touches me deeply is the aria “Mache dich mein herze rein” from St. Matthew Passion. The aria is so comforting and beautiful and, coming near the end of the intense Matthew Passion, provides a great feeling of satisfaction and resolution; like a reward for making the emotional journey. So, “Mache dich” is my favorite … especially when William Sharp sings it with ABS!” – Jeff McMillan, ABS Marketing & Communications Director

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15) Suite No. 1 in G Major for Unaccompanied Cello, BWV 1007

“Does anybody need a reason?” – Peter Reid

14) Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme, BWV 140

“First played it on horn in the Ormandy transcription of the chorus. Recently, I began my survey of all of the cantatas with this work” – Kerry Ko

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13) Wachet! Betet! Betet! Wachet!, BWV 70

12) Concerto for 2 Harpsichords in C minor, BWV 1062 (arranged for harpsichord and violin)

“Because of the call and response” – Heather Findlay

11) The Goldberg Variations, BWV 988

“The imaginative revisiting of the musical theme” – Steve Hopkins

“Especially Glenn Gould playing them. No matter how many times I hear these recordings, each is a new experience” – Mya Shone

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